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Brooklyn Healthcare

Brooklyn is a large healthcare provider area in New York, with a population of 2,576,771.
The number of veterans living in Brooklyn is 36,083 and the number of people over 65 is 312,000. The percentage of people without health insurance in Brooklyn is 8.2, which is higher than the state average of 6.5. Additionally, the percentage of people with Medicaid insurance in Brooklyn is 45.1, which is also higher than the state average of 38.6.

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Telehealth Provider

Its time to move from manually time report to Fully Automate time tracking

Why you should make the change ?

  • Increase your reimbursement now!

  • Reduce waste time

  • Be ready with full Audit-Log

Telehealth keep growing (6.1%)

Top 4 CPT code :

CPT 90837,90834 (Psychotherapy)

CPT 99213, 99214 (stable chronic illness or acute uncomplicated injury )

Healthcare Access #10

Healthcare Quality #20

Healthcare Public Health #3

N.Y. Telehealth

N.Y. Health Ranking

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