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Stop losing money on unreported time services

automate your time billing across all platform & User (with Zero clicks) 

Increases revenue by 20%


Fully automated

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A monthly report of a patient, how much time was spent on the patient in all service providers and in all systems

Did you know that in average AthenaOne users lost almost 15% of revenue due to manual time reports?

Are you tired of manually tracking your time and struggling to accurately report your hours to CMS? Our automated time tracking solution can help! With just a few clicks, you can download and using AthenaOne with our system to fully automate your AthenaOne time tracking process.

Our system provides you with a range of features on-top AthenaOne to make time tracking easier and more efficient, including:

  • Reports and dashboard to see your time at a glance

  • Analytics to help you understand your work patterns and improve your efficiency

  • Easy claims submission to CMS, with accurate and detailed records of your time

Don't waste any more time on manually tracking your AthenaOne hours. Try our automated time tracking solution today and start claiming your money from CMS with ease and accuracy.

Did you know that in QuestDiagnostic user doesn't have any time clock to track ?

"Currently, users of the Quest Diagnostics (care360) system are facing a major challenge when it comes to reporting their time.
The system does not have a built-in clock, so users have to manually track their start and end times and record everything manually.
This can be time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to difficulties in accuracy.
As a result, many users are choosing not to report their time at all, resulting in lost income. This is a frustrating and inefficient process that OnTop Health change."


What We Offer - AI RCM

The first ever Zero - click cross platform billing system for Maximize Telehealth revenue
(Chronic care management CCM, RPM and Telehealth) base
 Time tracking

simless integration

No integration / cooperation needed
from your system vendor(s)

Dashboard & report

Daily/Weekly/Monthly per

  • Provider

  • system

  • Patient (including Master Patient Index MPI)

  • full audit log per claim

custom workflows

Display date where and when you need it

Make sure your team "see" the relevant data

Fully Automation Tools

Zero-Clicks system

Built for RPM, CCM and any Tele-health

We build it so you doesn't need to worry about it


zero click b.png

Zero - Click

aggregation .png

Data aggregation

What Our Clients Say

“In order to Maximize revenue you must optimize your time
Over / Under = revenue loss.”

Jack, CEO TeleHealth

“The smarter way to make telehealth.”

Dr.D ,N.Y. Hospital

“Billing has never been easier.”

David, RCM 

Get Ready to Maximize Your Revenue With Our Workflow Solutions


for 44M Chronic
patient you need to track care-management
20 Minutes across : platforms, Users each month

Movie to Fully automation

CPT 99490, 99491, 99487, 99489, 99437

  • What systems do you already support out of the box?
    It is difficult to list all the systems on the market we support since we add systems every day. However, you do not need to know all the systems by heart. Contact us and we'll be able to answer your specific questions.
  • Does OnTop-Health store data ?
    While operating the OnTop-Health system and working with websites, systems that are on the "allowlist", we collect only the minimum information required to identify the patient (name, ID number) and comment written to the OnTop-Health, that's it. No clinical information or any other information. The collected information (user, monitored system name, time, patient name, comments written in OnTop) is sent to the backend system in a secure cloud with a system for managing permissions - so that even we as administrators have no access.
  • How does OnTop-Health access data?
    We created a tool that runs in the user's browser and "listening" similar to" screen scraping", only smarter.
  • Is the tool HIPAA-compliant ?
    Yes, Yes, we are committed to HIPAA compliance.
  • Does you ONLY access data when in use, or at all times the browser is open?
    We only "listening" when : 1. The user active OnTop-Health and 2. We only listen if the user is inside a system/website on the "allowlist"
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